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Reverend Rosamaria has an incredible kindness and warmth to her that was apparent the moment I met her. I have had many food and digestive related problems throughout my whole life. I went to see Rosamaria in hopes that she, unlike anyone else I've seen in the past, could help with these issues and give me an opportunity to eat essentially whatever I please. She took the time to talk with me about my symptoms and go through a list of foods before we began. She then lead me through a visualization exercise that took about an hour and had me lay on the “crystal bed of God.” She gave me a piece of chocolate to try afterward, and for the first time, I had no discomfort from it. Not only was I ecstatic, but Rosa Maria also seemed thrilled that she was able to help me. She helped heal me so that I can now go out to restaurants and not worry, eat more nutritious foods, and not worry about eventually developing some sort of auto-immune disorder. Rosamaria has an incredible talent to heal and I will forever be incredibly thankful for her compassion and help.
C.S. - Sharon, MA

"OUT-RAGEOUS" outrageous.  Out of this world...
How to write this, where to start. What a wonderful evidential experience. Words can not express just how I feel. This work is not new to me but with Rosa in Trans state, one can ask for clarification and the GROUP  ENTITY  clarified all our questions. Be it personal, worldly, general, spiritual or even asking a question for my niece who was not present, Rosa in a Trans State answered all questions.  Rosa "The Group Entities"  responded to facial expressions of several present when they expressed disbelief "THEY" confirmed that they "KNOW EVERYTHING". Sensitivity of the Entities; Several times they simply said that the person would understand what they were referring to as they didn't want to elaborate since it was very personal. Referring to Rosa as "The Child" they thanked her for doing this work .

There were 10 present including Rosa everyone was very satisfied with all the knowledge, information & insights we received.
F Rolph - The Villages, Florida

Looking into the eyes of the entity was so full of love,happiness and so surreal. The answers given to us were inspiring and just what each of us needed to hear. Funny and thoughtful are other words to describe her. I can't believe she did not blink her eyes for almost two hours. When I got home I was very tired and extremely cold, and I am never cold, I had to wrap up in a warm blanket. Hearing about the ancient ones was awesome!!!! Thank you Rosa, and thank you Frances for letting us come to your lovely home. 
Sandy - The Villages, Florida

Thank you for getting me into the first group with Rosamaria.  I think that The Villages is going to be known around the world as the center for exceptionally supreme spiritual leaders.  Suzanne is on her way...she's had her awesome experience with Wayne Dyer and several other people renown.  Now Rosamaria is going to reach great heights in the spiritual, mediumship, healing, and entertainment (she could be a stand-up comedienne) world.  Today's experience was great! 
Bonnie - The Villages, Florida

Ignacio, my six year old grandnephew in Argentina was recently hospitalized for pains in the stomach area. There was a blockage in his small intestine and surgery was necessary. After surgery, he was not recovering as hoped. The doctors could not determine what was causing his rapid decline.I asked Rosamaria if she could help him in any way. Rosamaria, with her God given gift, was able to spiritually go to his room and check on his condition. She told me he knew she was there because he smiled at her and followed her with his eyes. She could see the vision of the sutures being too tight which was causing scar tissue to form. This also was causing a blockage in the intestine. Rosamaria was able with her spiritual healers to clean the sutures and remove the scar tissue, the blockage was opened.During this time he was also complaining of pain from the tube which was in his throat. She also was able to see that the tube was twisted which was causing all of the discomfort. This was conveyed to the family and after checking the tube, it was found that it was definitely twisted and the situation was corrected.After a few days, his condition improved tremendously and all of the tubes were removed. The doctors could not give a reason for his improvement and were surprised by his quick recovery.We—Ignacio,my entire family and myself are so grateful to Rosamaria for her help. She was so willing to help a child she didn’t know and who was thousands of miles away. She showed me, once again, that there is no time space or distance when help is needed… Thanks again Rosa.
L Gladchtein - The Villages

I had the opportunity to attend a healing session with Reverend Rosamaria Machado in The Villages, Florida.  Not knowing what to expect, Reverend Machado was very informative and explained what might take place as she individually dealt with each person attending.  I was unbelievably shocked and surprised as to what happened in that session.  She told me as I stood in front of her that I needed to release a long past issue.  I suddenly could not control the tears that abruptly came over me.  I must have needed to release something huge, because the next day when the tears stopped, I felt an unusual feeling of calm and relaxation. 

I definitely believe that her gift is from God and we are so blessed to have her share it with us.  Her knowledge and talent is something I have never witnessed before.   I am honored to be able to call her a healer and friend. 
P Smedley - The Villages, Florida

Rosa is an Incredibility for people on this planet. I can see energies and I have been working with it with people. I have attended a lot of workshops. What I have seen on Rosa`s workshop was spectacular. Such number of Luminous Energies and Beings that had been working with people is a phenomenon. With all my heart I RECOMMEND everyone to have a contact with Rosa.
Poland - Joanna Kropiewniecka

Rev. Rosamaria Machado known internationally as Rosa Branco`s workshops are a lifechanging experience. She has an uplifting, simple and easy to understand way to deliver the truth that everyone has within themselves. You can feel that every single word that she says has a purpose and it reaches to your heart. It sure did that to me! I highly recommend it for those who want to change their lives and are searching for truth.
Poland - Anna Konieczka
Workshops are conducted in a professional way, in good energy and  result in enhancing one`s consciousness. They give a lot to a personal development of every attendant. Rosa Branco is a very good teacher with an in-depth knowledge.
Poland - Maria Mikolajczyk

Where do I start?  Rev. Rosamaria Machado has been a great teacher, mentor and amazing healer for me. Since I met her 16 months ago, this fun, upbeat, and very connected spiritual person, has helped me heal myself mentally, physically and guided me spiritually. 

During several sessions, she orchestrated the releasing of my fear of riding in a car while someone else is driving, and greatly reduced my other fears and anxieties.  And when I needed wisdom on what to do with my aging dog, she put my mind at ease as to how to proceed.  

She helped me unfreeze a frozen shoulder in just three days, and then orchestrated the full healing of my shoulder over the course of several months.  She also relieved me of severe headaches I was experiencing weekly, from the back of my head and neck. Yeah!  

She is even helping me recognize my own spiritual healing abilities that we all have and can tap into if we wish.   

If you come to her with a mental, physical or spiritual issue, just be open minded. Then relax and enjoy the ride as she takes you on an incredible journey to great health and well being. I now know the possibilities are endless!
Rebecca Link Buck, The Villages, FL

I have very very happy news. Women – Ania (her sister name Ela F). Was in hospital and the doctors gave her 3 months life. I invited her for open healing and she was in individual sessions too. She had one lung removed, and the second had inoperable lung cancer.
They made her X-ray, and now there's nothing there. She and her family say that it’s happen after your healings and now she is healthy.
Poland - Elzbieta Joźwiak

Thanks for a great session on my foot problem.  I was about ready to make an appointment with a podiatrist for my chronic foot issue when I decided to try this.  It was a great success and most enjoyable.
J.B., The Villages, FL

"I attended the Postural Assessment class you taught in Philadelphia in October, the same weekend that Sandy came to town (super storm). I was one of the volunteers/examples on the second day of the seminar; my postural assessment was pretty good until we got to my neck and head. 
My neck/head seemed to be shifted to the left such that my chin was not in line with my sternum. It'd been like that since I was a little girl; I've noticed it in pictures of myself throughout my life and had been a little self conscious about it. You said to me, "Let's fix this", turned to the class and quipped, "WE don't fix anything," and proceeded to work your magic/talent/intuition. I immediately felt a peaceful, opening sensation wash along my right lateral and posterior neck/shoulder and then a feeling of space on the left side. I didn't want to sit for the rest of the day, or for days afterward-- my feet were contacting the Earth the way they should and I therefore felt more upright, and that my Cloud Gates were nice and open! Mentally and emotionally since then, I've been more clear. I think your work helped my body/mind/soul/self advance on the road to letting go of early trauma as I've had a few key dreams and insights about it since October. Thank you.
I want you to know how much I appreciate the work you did with/on me. Your energy and that associated with your healing work was palpable, strong and caring. I found the class material covered exciting and relevant to my massage practice and totally enjoyed your sense of humor and hearing stories of your amazing experiences. It was an honor to learn from you and especially to receive your work. I have definitely recommended this class to colleagues and have mentioned your work to friends who live in Florida.
Again, many thanks and all the best to you as you continue along your path in life!"
J.L., Philadelphia, PA

"Rosamaria Machado is my mother. This fact should however not be used to belittle my testimonial. I work internationally as a mariner, a job that puts massive strain on the body mind and spirit. Frequently I contact my mother for issues of work related injury and ceaselessly she has helped to fix me up and keep me in order, be it from sore knees, dislocated joints, hairline fractured bones, hernias, and though it is kind of funny once even getting hit by a wrecking ball. I put a never-ending series of tests to my mother one of the only people I know who can answer any and all questions of spirituality with an answer that reflects God’s love and compassion for all of mankind. She is a truly remarkable healer, leader and pioneer in any field she chooses to pursue. My mother has been furthering her education tirelessly my entire life and has performed miracles countless times. Enough so to make even I her hardest critic a believer. I am by no means a saint but flawlessly my mother sees the light in everyone man, woman, and child and loves them all. I do not write testimonials often but sometimes someone is worthy of my energy. I can promise you with sincere confidence on my word of honor, my mother and her work with others is worth my time as well as yours."
S.V.W., Guam CNMI
"AMAZING, would best describe my experience with Rosa. In February I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Rapid progression & horrible side effects motivated me to pursue alternatives. Thankfully I had met Rosa month's earlier (separate issue) and hers was the first call I made. Under her care, I experienced remarkable flexibility and dramatic swelling reduction (after the first session). My next session left me feeling 500% better and amazing! Rosa is truly a gifted healer who listens to you and your body has the resources to help. I heartily recommend her services and suggest that an open mind and heart will facilitate your experience!"
C.C., Lake Mary,FL
"...Rosa an amazing healers that are truly touched by the hand of God.  Her amazing gifts have restored my health and brought me back to life.  I am forever grateful to her."
J.C., Staten Island, New York
“The level of service at R & R Biofeedback Technologies is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
C.K., Edgewater, FL
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. R & R Rejuvenation was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
C.L., Edgewater, FL
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