R&R R - Awakening Consciousness
Spiritual Counselor | Life Coach
Our lives are filled with change and transformation. Some of these changes may have gone unnoticed, like somewhere along our journey we missed the signs and wonders of the coming age. This prophetic time crept into our life experience and we didn’t even notice. Perhaps we were sleeping as we began our journey into self-discovery. We walked through a portal, a dimensional gateway, into higher consciousness.
We have been given an opportunity to participate in the most significant transformation ever experienced by our civilization. Perhaps we thought it would look different. We even may have believed that it would be distinctive. Something profound, inspirational would come along and transform everything, such as lighting striking or the second coming of the Messiah. Perhaps we even considered ourselves to be enlightened and conscious of the coming events, well prepared for all that would be asked of each of us along this wondrous journey. Somehow, somewhere, we believed that we would have the fortitude to handle whatever was dealt. Ok we even thought that the change would occur out there somewhere in the world but not in our own inner world.
Every day we travel through life’s ups/downs, and ins/outs. We might call them challenges or possibly opportunities depending on our perspective. Most certainly each of us was hoping, striving from something better, something profound, joyful and exciting that would invigorate us and be the catalyst to a happier, brighter tomorrow.
Now is the time for change throughout our Universe. These transformations are happening quicker and affecting our way of being, of thinking, of loving, of living. Our consciousness is awakening to its highest potential ever. Maybe you’ve been searching out there somewhere for “the answer” when all along it was right in front of your very eyes all along. Every morning when you got up to brush your teeth you were looking straight at “it”. Yes, it’s YOU! Perhaps NOW is the time to begin communicating with your higher self? Alone you may not be able to quiet or silence your mind enough to hear through the fear and doubts that you have placed on ourselves.
Rosamaria functions as a facilitator of this process. Her active and reflective listening skills combined with an ability to discern spirit, enables her to assist you in hearing your true inner voice. A process that can give you the strength and knowing to move forward in your life as the soul unfurls to creates clarity of vision and purpose.
If you have a vision for change, deeper healing and a willingness to awaken your heart, Now is the time to project all of your hopes, dreams and aspirations out into the world. Dreams of a brighter tomorrow can become reality NOW! We all need to imagine the future we desire: peace, tranquility, joy, happiness and love transcendent.
In these sessions of coaching, we explore how you can most effectively manifest your dreams in this new era of self-realization. We meet not by chance, but as teachers sharing our life experiences with one another. If you are called to come, this time will benefit you a hundred fold.
Bring your questions, desires, dreams and a sense of humor. Let us join together in awakening you, to the full essence of the Divine within.
Telephone sessions may be arranged.
For appointments call:386-478-4688
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